The University of 2D Game Development.

You see, the librarian is quite busy, running this way and that, ensuring all the good little boys and girls of the Earth have what they need to make the games they want to make.

This scatterbrained madman will, finally, be returning to teach from this, his temple ground and from only this location..

There are things here for the curious mind. one must seek out the clues and enjoy.

                    On Raven's back, 
                    the down of black
                    gave something insight unto me.
                    The link particulate that you seek
                    can't even be spelled with thy name.
                    There's the l, more than once, 
                    And e is in each
                    O seen in the middle of end
                    But the v is out of reach
                    If only I had a phone book/
                    to find out the answer...
Perhaps a clue lies within this document. It's Poe's The Raven!

It will ward off evil until the librarian returns...